Technical Alliance

Menel Integrated in addition to its in-house capabilities also has technical partnership with several Indigenous Companies as well as service support relationship with reputable International companies.

    • APICSS,  U.S.A                                                   -                 WHCP, ESD, SCADA Services / Systems
    • LS Industrial Systems,  S.Korea                   -                  Industrial Automation Solutions
    • Oggionni S.A.S, Italy                                     -                  Fire, Gas  and Heat Detection Systems                    
    • Hydratight, U.S.A                                             -                   Joint Integrity Solutions                          
    • Nexflow Inc.  Canada                                    –                 Compressed Air Solutions
    • Enotec  GmBH, Germany                             -                 Process and Emission Measuring Solutions
    • Eltav  Ltd.        Israel                                      -                  Wireless Valve Monitoring Solutions
    • E-Senza           Germany                                -                  Wireless Devices Networking Solutions
    • Enerx Limited,   Nigeria                                -                  General  Instrumentation Services
    • Gasworths  Limited ,  Nigeria                      -                  Piping Services
    • Gefaacs Engineering Ltd.  Nigeria               -                 Construction & Fabrication