The objective of the management of Menel Integrated Services Limited (MIS) is to provide services in a manner, which conforms to the contractual and regulatory requirements, using qualified, trained, retrained and experienced personnel.
MIS has developed and maintained a Quality Management System that conforms to the requirements of NIS ISO 9001:2000 to enable us provide and maintain a consistently high quality in all products, solutions, and services and meet customer expectations in all respects of quality, cost, performance, safety and reliability. Our Quality Management System ensures that proper communication, work control and auditable records are generated for all contracts and projects.
It is therefore the Company’s policy to;

  • Execute and provide services that meets the clients requirement
  • Engage sub contractors who must also meet these requirements
  • Ensure that all employees of the company execute works and provide services in accordance with the postulated quality statement.
  • Ensure that employee participation to excel in quality is highly encouraged at all levels.
  • By holding the management directly responsible and accountable for the management of the quality system.
  • Continually evaluate the system to ensure that client's requirements are met.
  • Undertake training and retraining of our work force to ensure that the objectives and action are understood and correctly applied.
  • Provide resources to realize these objectives.
  • Assign personnel for the execution and verification of contracts.

This statement documents the personal commitment of the Chief Executive Officer and management of MIS to the objectives of this Quality System.

MARCH, 2011.