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Well Head Accessories

API designs, manufactures automation and control systems from single point engineering to major scale projects. API panel services include, but are not limited to:

• Well Control
• Master Control
• Electronic Safety System
• Pipeline Control
• LACT Control
Paperless Chart Recorder Software
• Generator Control
Self Contained Hydraulic Control Panel
Solar-Powered Air Compressor
• Customized HP Test Cell Controls

API also frequently provides custom fabrications more rapidly and cost effectively than most larger companies. Special fabrication units include:

Please visit http://www.apicss.com  for more information

BWB Controls specializes in the design and manufacturing of high quality, pneumatically, hydraulically, and electrically operated surface safety components. The end users of BWB Controls products are primarily involved in Upstream, Midstream and Downstream Oil and Gas operations worldwide.

  • Master Relays
  • Manual Relays
  • Pressure Pilots
  • Solenoid Vavles
  • Crane Savers
  •  Automatic Relays
  • Sand Probes
  • ESD Stations
  • Hydraulic Controller
  •  Indicators and other Accessories.

Please visit:  http://www.bwbcontrols.com for more information

Quam can provide for the complete Design. Procurement, Fabrication, Assembly, Testing, Supply and Commissioning of WHCP systems  and accessories for Single or Multi-Well confiuration in both On-Shore and Off-Shore areas. QUAM Products are specifically designed to fully comply with customer specifications, using the very latest design technologies and components.

  • SCSSV Blow Out Preventers(BOP)
  • Pressure Pilots
  • Relays
  • WCHP
  • Fusible Plugs
  • Hydraulic Power Units
  • Self Contained Units
  • ESD Panels

Please visit: http://www.quamvalvole.it for more information

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