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FABROTECH INDUSTRIES is your complete source for pipeline strainers. Fabrotech Industries is  your  source for all type of strainers, such as cast iron y-type strainers, bronze, carbon steel y-type  strainers and as well as replacement screens. Fabrotech Cast Carbon Steel "Y" strainers are ideal where high pressure and/or temperature conditions are present.
Please visit:  www.fabrotech.com For more information.

  • Y-Type Strainers
    • Cast Iron
    • Bronze
    • Carbon Steel
    • Stainless Steel
    • Pressure Drops for Y-Stariners
  • Basket-Type Strainers
  • Fabricated Products
    • Orifice Plates
    • Flat Strainers
    • Tee Strainers
    • Temporary Cone
    • Bucket Strainers
  • Check Valves
  • Pressure Drops
    • Y Strainers
    • Check Valves
    • Basket Strainer


Flex-A-Seal provides replacement seals for a full array of compressors, mixers, pumps and other miscellaneous rotating equipment for diverse brands (Airco Paul, Alfa Laval, KSB, Durco, Frank Mohn, Econo, Allweiller, Armstrong, Atlas, Aurora, FlowServe, Toyo, Berkeley, Goulds, Hale, Ingersoll Rand, Sulzer, Sundyne, Viking, Weir, Patterson, and Peerless amongst others).
Direct replacements for John Crane® Types 1, 2, 21 & 9, etc., Burgmann® MG, MG1, MG12, M3N, M7N etc., Pac Seal, U.S. Seal®, Chesterton, Flygt Seal® & Davis Emu® are just some examples of seals Flex-A-Seal replaces on a daily basis. Flex-A-Seal maintains a large database of O.E.M equipment and is capable of cross referencing many O.E.M part numbers.

  • Split CArtride
  • Welded Metal Bellows
  • Single Cartridge
  • Dual Cartridge
  • Heavy Duty Slurry Seals
  • Custom Engineered
  • OEM / Competitor Replacement Seals.

Please visit: http://www.flexaseal.com/products/mechanical_seals/index.html  for more information



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