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Other Instrumentation Products (Gauges, Sensors, Switches, Transmitters, Transducers e.t.c)

Precision Digital Corporation is a manufacturer of a comprehensive line of digital display and control instrumentation utilized primarily in industrial processes worldwide. PDC's products are used mostly in flow, level, pressure, and temperature applications and are packaged for panel, field, and surface mounting.

PDC products include:

  • Line- & loop-powered indicators & rate/totalizers
  • Scanners & annunciators
  • Temperature indicators and controllers
  • Digital pressure gauges
  • Modbus® meter
  • Large display indicators, and multi-channel controllers.
  • Wireless Products & Exclosures

Please visit http://www.predig.com   for more information.

BABBITT INTERNATIONAL provides level control solutions. Babbitt manufactures specialty switches, sensors, transmitters, gauges and monitors.

  • Point Level Switches
  • Liquid Level Gauge
  • Non Contact Transmitters(Ultrasonic & Radar)
  • Magnetostrictive Level Transmitters
  • Dust Emission Monitors

Please visit www.babbittlevel.com for more information.

IMB develops, produces and sells level and temperature measuring instruments for liquids and powdery or fine-granular bulk material, also for fuels, aggressive medium, fats, high viscous mediums, emulsions, water and waste water, sludge, plastic granules. These are used in oil & gas, petrochemical, process and manufacturing technology, water engineering, environmental technology. The Products include:

  • Level Switches & Sensors (Capacitance, Float, Optoelectronic )
  • Temperature Switches & Sensors
  • Amplifier Relays

Please visit http:// www.imbmesstechnik.de   for more information.


VEGA is a  world-leading supplier of level, switching and pressure instrumentation. VEGA  sensors   work  reliably  and  accurately  in  very  different  and  challenging applications, for example: in the petrochemical, chemical, and sewage treatment plants, mining and energy generation, on drilling platforms.  

  • Level – Radar, Guided Microwave, Ultrasonic, Capacitance, Hydrostatic, Radaition Based.
  • Switches –High Level/Low Level, Vibrating, Capacitance, Radar, Conductivity
  • Pressure – Process, Hydrostatic, Differential Pressure
  • Density - Differential Pressure & Radiation Based
  • Flow – Differential Pressure & Radiation Based

Please visit www.vega.com


SIKA develops, produces and sells measurement devices, calibrators and  sensory mechanisms for  the physical factors of temperature, flow, level and pressure. Sika’s products are widely applied worldwide in process and Industrial environments. Products include:

  • Temperature
  • Thermometers  – Industrial,  digital thermometers, precision dial, Special Thermometers
  • Temperature Sensors – Industrial, Marine
  • Calibrators & Simulators – Temperature
  • Digital Electronic Controllers and Indicators
  • Transmitters – Analogue
  • Temperature Measuring Devices
  • Flow
  • Flow Monitoring – Switches for liquids, Electronic Monitors, Flow Switch for Marine applications, Piston type flow switches with proximity switches.
  • Flow Measurement – Magnetic Inductive, Ultrasonic Flow Sensors, Turbine flow sensors, radial turbine flow sensors, Positive Displacement Flow Sensors, Indicators and Transducers, Other Plastic Flow Measuring Instruments.
  • Flow Regulators
  • Level Monitoring
  • Level Switches
  • Pressure
  • Mechanical Pressure Gauges – Bourdon types, Diaphragm Types, Capsule Element Pressure Type, Stop Valves
  • Pressure Calibrators – Pneumatic, Hydraulic, High Precision,
  • Pressure References
  • Portable hand held Pressure Instruments
  • Pressure Switches & Sensor

Please visit http:// www.sika.net   for more information.

Tecfluid S.A. is a manufacturer of level Instruments  and associated electronics, viz:

  • Level Indicators – Float, Bicolor Strip and displacer type
  • Level Transmitters – Non Coctact, ultrasonic, Float Based, Guided Radar types
  • Level Detectors – Float based (horizontal & vertical mounting),V ibrating fork (AC/DC, NAMUR, Relay Outputs)
  • Associated Electronics
  • Counters & Transmitters – Flowrate indicator, pulse counter, programmable pulse counter, frequency divider, current converter, programmable flowrate transmitter
  • Limit Switches

Please visit http://tecfluid.com    for more information.


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